Howdy, If you've taken the time to explore this page or visit my website in general I want you to know how much I appreciate you! I am going to format this page in a QNA style that hopefully is easier to follow and allows you to get to know me better before our shoot. So, lets get started!
"Who are you?"
My full name is Levi Walk hence the name of my studio being "Walk" the line photography. get it? While I am also a big Johnny cash fan its a common question I get if that's where my studios name comes from and the answer is no I'm just corny. 
I currently live in State college with my partner Gina alongside our two dogs Luca and fanny who love to tag along on our many hikes across pa and bark at the garbage truck outside our window at 6am. I am the youngest of 5 siblings 4 of whom are all entrepreneurs. So if our parents taught us anything its independence and resiliency, two things every entrepreneur knows well. I have ran Walk the line for 6 years now and started this journey in high school in lieu or secondary education by taking advantage of some of the accounting and finance classes my school offered in order to prepare myself for running a business on top of personal research via google and youtube university.
I am self taught when it comes to photography and its technical sense. I felt that in order to charge clients I needed to have additional schooling so I attended online classes at the New York institute of photography where I learned a plethora of new techniques, workflow, and thought processes. 
"what made you choose to be a photographer?"
Ill skip the cliche "oh from the time I was a child I fumbled with a camera and always knew that this was my career path." and tell the truth. From the time I was a child I would walk around and talk to strangers or smile and wave at them just because I loved exactly that, people. That's the most alluring aspect of the this job for me, being able to hear the stories of people from all over the world, share smiles and memories together, to provide a meaningful and unique experience while sharing art with the world is the perfect culmination of different variables that really shined through to me. To be able to stimulate myself creatively while also sharing the human experience with others is truly an opportunity second to none. so, on the day of our session, just know how dearly I appreciate not only your business but you as a person more importantly. 
So, enough about me. I want to hear all about YOU! Schedule a consultation here!

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