Family Sessions can be an interesting time; More often than not you'll hear mopes and groans beforehand from different parties about either the little ones running around or how they just wanna get this over with so they can eat (relatable for sure)
However, what you'll find especially with Walk the Line photography is that those mopes and groans quickly turn into "wow this is actually fun" and "thank you for making this an actually enjoyable experience" which is honestly some of the highest praise you can get as a professional photographer!
something I really try to capitalize on in my family sessions even more so than my tailored photos are the what I call "in-between" moments where the little ones and parents alike always seem to shine most where you're really able to capture the flickers of love and enjoyment that sometimes a more instructed photo misses out on.
The little glances at each other after I instruct couples to do something goofy or out of their comfort zone always seem to be some of the best photos (Its almost like I'll do this on purpose guys for these types of photos specifically!)
This to me is what makes a truly professional and artistically gifted photographer. In a world where the quality of professional photography is easily obtained mechanically through fat wallets and ever increasing quality/accessibility of fancy lenses and cameras there is still a huge disparity between a professional people person who has mastered the capturing of the "in-between" and really conveying the love and intimacy of you and your families in a way most could never replicate.
It's been an honor and absolute pleasure working with all the amazing families over the years and I look forward to moving forward with plenty more in the years to come.
Thank you so much for reading and take it easy
Viglione Family
Zac and Sydney
Stevens Family
Shaulis Family!
Isenberg Family!
Mckeegan Family
Beck Family!

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