Hey there! Relax a minute, it’s been a tough year for all of us, you deserve it. Have a coffee.  Take a minute to breathe and enjoy a little stroll with me through Walk the Lines highlights throughout this past year. Let’s celebrate together because without you I wouldn’t have the best job in the world. (I may be biased)

I am going to be breaking it down by months as that will be a better representation of growth and if you are a client of mine and you aren’t featured that doesn’t mean I don’t consider your galleries highlight worthy. Walk the Line wrapped is meant to highlight important moments in the business and my own personal growth so certain highlighted galleries may exhibit new editing styles I tried, poses, significance to me personally for the time, etc. Trust me, I love you all! 

Before we get into Walk the Line wrapped I wanted to take a second and remind you that just by reading this I can not express my gratitude enough. For the past three years I have been so incredibly lucky to have a growing number of support through those of you who have liked, commented, shared, messaged, booked, cheered on from the sidelines, etc. and it’s truly been a driving force for me over this seemingly never ending pandemic. It is people like you who continuously give me the motivation to keep this train rolling and being able to continue operating full time. So, thank you.

251 new clients, 8,115 photos edited, and 28,741 memories captured is a very exciting and significant increase from 2020. Almost 300% increase across the board in every aspect of my business and I have to say it didn’t just appear out of thin air. The end of 2020 for me was a rough one and eventually I decided to do a full business evaluation and “trim the fat” you could say. SO and I mean SO many of my efforts were not efficient and basically wasting my time so I started to apply the idea of ROI (Return on investment) to my own personal time. Curating a specific schedule and opting out of some of my usual responsibilities ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made resulting in more free time and higher output on editing, posting, etc. all because of a schedule. Who would’ve thought being organized would change your life. Go and get yourself a planner for this New year and watch how it helps!

Lastly, before I get into the contagious smiles, the people behind them, and those of you who allowed me to be apart of some of the biggest moments of your lives. I wanted to restate that I know this has been a hard year and with that I ask that if you are struggling to consider checking out loveislouder.org and that it is okay to need help and to want help. Everybody needs someone from time to time. 

Now, lets get into it!
January ushered in the New year as well as a new look for WTL. I started to dabble more in softer greens and warmer tones similar to my earlier styles when I first started but much more refined.
I also found myself back in arizona enjoying the amazing landscapes, hot springs, and small airplane lunch trips alongside my partner gina. In case you ever wondered why I dress like a cowboy 90% of the time in public its because I'm coping with missing the west!
February brought tons of early incoming grad bookings for the spring season and with them came my little ball of sunshine Luca who received her first headshots almost immediately after i got her. She just celebrated her first birthday two weeks ago and I wouldn't trade her for the world. 
(she also costed me 2200$ by eating gum so maybe I would trade her for that money back)​​​​​​​
March brought on the beginning of my busiest graduate season ever by about 10x. From then until almost the end of june I shot daily sometimes twice a day while editing. I also bought a new car and flew back to arizona with my best friends and drove across country back alongside gina since her term with americorps had ended!
Part of me doesn't even remember april as it was so incredibly busy. From the 1st-30th of april i shot groups, solos, edited, and slept. My schedule was jam packed and I wouldn't have traded it for anything, I live for this job and the 80 hour 7 days a week work weeks flew by and before I knew it we were into may. I really learned how much I love this job throughout this time period because wow was it busy.
May was another crazy month but nothing compared to april. I shot my first wedding of the year and went out of the fire into the frying pan with grad season and wedding season being so close to each other. You have to lough photography if you want to be a professional photographer!
June 2021 was incredibly difficult for me and the effects of it still linger to this day. I lost a dear friend entirely too young and had to process that loss while also enduring one of the busiest times of year for me editing, shooting, etc. all the while still having to provide a great experience for my clients. It was very hard for me mentally but it taught me so much about myself and just how resilient i can be. the best advice I could give for anyone in a similar situation would be to let yourself feel and to keep moving forward to eventually be able to look back with more positive memories.
 live. Live. Fight like hell.-stuart Scott

Rest in Peace: Rayne Burger.  2000-2021

July was a very important month for me as it resulted in multiple weddings booked, an influx of future sessions, and gave me a few weeks off to recoup and enjoy some time in nature kayaking, I took up bass fishing, I even had a week straight where I didn't have to do Anything which after june i just needed a break. I also shot one of my favorite engagment sessions!
I really found my stride in august with seniors, grads, weddings, families, and a more refined editing process. I got to do a little bit of everything and even experimented with video editing. August also was a peak outdoors month for me and if you know me you know i love summer so for the majority of august I was kayaking, fishing, and just enjoying being outside. Additionally, I debuted my passion project featuring my partner gina in my signs of the stars mini series showcasing a astrology themed shoot! Check it out if you get the chance!
September is always a good month for me not only because of the fall photo season but it is also the time of year i get to turn a a year older. I shot 2 weddings and  one super sweet tree house elopement, a few families so September was basically a month full of trying new workshops, techniques, posing etc. while preparing for the busier month of october. I also finally got to look in the mirror and see how much my hair and beard had grown over the busy season and decided to just stick with it!
October for any photographer is always crazy, the leaves are falling and everyone wants their family photos done, grad photos, senior photos, etc. It is the prime season for weddings photos in general so long story short. Busy busy busier. I also revamped my editing style once again and booked 4 weddings in 2022 during october and moved into a new apartment so it easily might be my highlight month of the year.
November brought on some amazing sessions and I feel I really improved on my workflow and settling in to a more structured work day prioritizing things in a more orderly fashion. Once again I tweaked my editing style and sat in on multiple workshops to improve my business! I was hyper focused throughout november on creating art and getting creative in all of my shoots and I was quite satisfied with the results.
The Final chapter of 2021 has been fantastic. There is so much to look forward to as we enter the new year here at walk the line. My penn state grads are already piling in, I have a huge expo in maryland to visit in two weeks, I have 10 weddings scheduled for 2022 already and I am so incredibly blessed toend the year working for myself once again. It was quite honestly up there as toughest year of my life but from that birthed one of the most successful and enjoyable years of my life. In december I looked back on this year and said i am happy to be here on this rock in space alongside all of you, sharing and capturing your beautiful smiles, documenting the most important days of your lives, enjoying phone calls and dinners with all my couples and turning a seemingly disastrous year into one full of love, hope, and inspiration. I am incredibly honored to be the man blessed with the responsibility of  photographing so many of you for these important moments in your lives and my only hope is that you enjoy them at least half as much as i did taking them this past year. I wish you all the best of luck, health, and prosperity in the coming year and cheers to the new year!
Thank you all for a phenomenal year. It's been an honor and I can't wait to see you all next year. take it easy.❤

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