Welcome to Wrapped with Walk the Line! Below is a small gallery of some of my favorite highlights of the year and a little background behind them.
2020 was a rough year for everyone but with every shred of adversity you can learn so much and if anything this has been a great learning year for myself personally as well as a true test to my optimistic attitude.  "you can't keep a good man down" has been my mantra for this year and we all have been knocked down more than enough so i would be lying if i wasn't happy this year is coming to an end!
But, theres always something special about the start to a new year and last year this time for me is when i decided to go full time with photography and remove my plan b from the equation and it has been phenomenal so thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart! 
Cheers to the new year and i hope you all stay safe, warm, and have a fantastic new years eve. lets send this year out with a bang!

This Photo was taken during my drive across country in early march. Covid had not yet reached shutdown levels and who would've thought the most dangerous thing about this picture wasn't dangling 1000's of feet in the air but instead was that there were more than 10 people in the space lol!

This photo was taken on a hike i did during covid's peak shutdown period in arizona. you can see how high gina and i were because that isnt mist. its literally the clouds.

This is quite literally one of my favorite photos of the year because during my travel back to pa in June during covids' peak my terminal i flew out of  was c19. Coupled with being in one of americas largest airports and only sharing the plane with maybe 20 other people. eery.

This was the first photo shot inside my arizona Studio!

A photo of me cosplaying as robert pattinson in one of my favorite movies "the lighthouse". Dont judge, covid cut me off from getting a haircut and my eyebrows done!

A super fun shoot with some of my favorite clients to date! This session was a blast and occurred following the covid restrictions so this bottle popping has a whole different meaning!

Honestly, this is just one of my favorite male centered photos because lets be honest. this is a bro photo!

This was from my first session back to PA from arizona and kickstarted my return back to the keystone state!

This photo just captures an amazing family and the smiles just seemed so genuine making it a Walk the line hall of famer for 2020!😂

For two clients who "don't get their photos taken ever" these guys did awesome and absolutely killed their engagement shoot! This pose came at their request because of the movie "masterminds"😂

This shoot meant a lot to me because i finally got to experiment with different lighting sources as well as props!

This  image is a product of almost tripping over myself to capture this moment because this lil guy decided his pup just needed a hug. not staged at all and those photos are always the best!

This was from my first "best friends" shoot. and i must say it was a new experience and extremely fun!

The smile and posing is one of my favorites in this photo!

These two photos are so important to me because i designed these shirts to support my business and seeing how quickly they sold really showed me just how much people care. it was also a blessing to realize that i've created a business people want to support and care about and that means the world to me!

This image means a lot to me because before it was taken i told sara to 'imagine dreams by fleetwood mac is playing how would that make you feel" creating that perfect serene look on her face. Honestly that was a new tactic that i definitely have used since!

Brandon and shayla are such a phenomenal couple and good friends of mine and it was an honor to do their engagement shoot. This photo has such a warm and happy feel to it!

Taylor and Jordan have become good friends of mine since our shoot and that is one of my favorite things about photography. meeting awesome people and making even better friends with them. Not to mention the sun hit so well in this picture i had to put it on here!

This picture just feels powerful and i love making photos that make people feel something!

a shot from my mo-vember event that means so much to me. I got experience on running events as well as raising over 300$ for mens mental health and male based illnesses!

I felt like this photo perfectly captured family love because look at all those smiles. wow!

This is a photo that came from me telling tyler to just play and pretend you're in front of a crowd trying to make him feel like a rockstar that he is!

This photo and the one above it go hand in hand because they're from the same day. Dolly (our cat) decided she wanted ot be a model and jumped on my setup and i instantly grabbed my camera and caught the shot above this one the day before halloween. sabrina who?

a technically great shot photography wise of one of my favorite poems!

THe first installment of my small town stories project featured the brew and their beautiful mascot!

The photos above are all from my small town stories project that i have had an absolute blast shooting and shining the spotlight on tyrones entrepreneurs!

I was able to provide a santa shoot for everyone courtesy of the bull pen and that was such a fulfilling opportunity!

We were actually blessed with some snow and i was able to get some of my favorite "snowtos" i've ever taken!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this recap and a special thank you to all who supported walk the line throughout this tough year. I have so much planned for 2021 and post pandemic that i cannot wait to share with you all! 
Happy New year and lets get the ball rolling! Best wishes!

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