This photo series was born Out of months of feeling creatively stumped and searching for a new outlet to express my photography and art and after dozens of hours of brainstorming and idea scratching a small metaphorical light bulb lit up in my head.  My end goal of all this effort was to reinvent the idea of what a photography session can be. I care deeply for my clients, I spend all of my free time exploring ways to enhance the walk the Line photo experience and i am so incredibly excited to share this new variety of session to offer. The Astrological sign themed photo experience.
So, you may be asking yourself; what is an astrological sign themed shoot?
Astrology, whether you choose to believe its validity or not literally can teach us a lot about ourselves or even open your eyes to different interpretations of thought you wouldn't normally entertain and to me that is a beautiful thing. It is a basically a medium for you to explore the more raw and down to earth feelings we may overlook in the boom and bustle of everyday life.
I encourage you to enter this series with an open mind and really entertain the art it conveys and I will do my best along the way to explain my thought process and themes. 
Thank you so much if you clicked on this link and decided to be here for this. I've put my whole heart into this series and if you could leave some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
The model featured in this project is Gina Gavazzi and her "big 3" astrological signs are Virgo, Leo, and Pisces.
Sun Sign: Virgo
(Earth Sign)​​​​​​​
While I wont delve into the super specific aspects of astrology I will give basic attributes and characteristics of each sign covered. the Photos you just viewed were attempting to embody a thoughtful, wholesome, and intelligent theme while putting an emphasis on nature and its healing properties.
My thought process behind displaying this was to create an environment that seemed engulfed in foliage highlighting the white dress (commonly associated with positive emotions in art) and pinned up folkstyle hair to actively embody the virgo attributes.

Rising Sign: Pisces
(Water Sign)
Pisces Attributes: Dreamy, Kind, Free Spirited, go with the flow.
This section of photos highlighted the attributes above through its usage of water (commonly associated with life in art) I felt that coupled with the siren like poses of old lighthouse tales fully embodied the pisces traits and personality.

Moon Sign: Leo
(Fire Sign)
Leo Attributes: Passionate, Dramatic, expressive
The final assortment of photos I feel exemplify these traits through the use of dark cinematic lighting, the models expressions and posing as well as the "fire" in the background.
thank you once again for continuing to read this far and for making my day. I poured an incredible amount of effort into this project and truly felt creatively and artistically stimulated throughout its process. This is a feeling i would love to continue to operate under by offering this series/service to anyone who would be interested as if you made it this far you're already a dream client of mine. Please reach out through the booking page for a quote or just to let me know how i did! 
Thank you again, and Have a phenomenal day!

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